Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using this website


User / Wallet Owner: Persons over the age of 18 and capable of acting and legal entities using "Parex Mobile Application" with the approval of the authorized signatory.
Private Key: A crypto wallet has two keys. Private key is a private key for the User / Wallet Owner. It allows transactions to be made with crypto wallet.
Public Key: is derived from the private key with mathematical algorithms, performs as a kind of wallet address that the user can share with third parties.
Seed Phrase: It can be simply defined as a word list. This list of words is easier to remember than Private key and is used as a security measure for trading with a crypto wallet.
Parex Mobile Application (Platform): It is a mobile application made available by Parex in IOS and Android markets. Crypto Money: is a digital currency that can be transferred anywhere in the world and has same value everywhere, cannot be controlled by any bank or company, does not have a central control point, is based on blockchain technology, its price is determined by the free market without being determined by anyone.
Crypto Money Wallet: It is a computer file that holds cryptocurrency addresses and their passwords. Crypto money can be transferred between these addresses. These cryptocurrency addresses are randomly generated cryptographic public key pairs.


Hereby Terms of Use regulates the terms for User/Wallet Owner to benefit from the services provided by Parex Mobile Application and mutual rights and obligations.

Mutual Rights and Obligations

The User / Wallet Owner is HYPERLINK ""exclusively responsible for the confidentiality and security of the password, private key and seed phrase created while creating a wallet on the Parex Mobile Application and protecting this information and not sharing it with third parties.

The User / Wallet Owner cannot use the Parex Mobile Application illegally and for illegal purposes. In case of User/Wallet Owner acts unlawfully, all legal and criminal liability belongs to User/Wallet Owner and Platform has no responsibility in this regard.

Platform is authorized to detect suspicious transactions carried out by the User/Wallet Owner and to make any kind of intervention related to these transactions.

The User / Wallet Owner declares that he/she knows and undertakes all the risks of crypto money investment and accepts that Parex Mobile Application will not be responsible for any damage that may occur.

The User / Wallet Owner is exclusively responsible for security and secure backup of the Private Key and Seed Phrase which are produced by Parex specially and uniquely for each user.

User / Wallet Owner accepts that his/her Private Key and Seed Phrase are unique, they are produced separately and uniquely for each User / Wallet Owner and there is no backup within the Parex Mobile Application or anywhere else. Also, User/Wallet Owner accepts that User / Wallet Owner will not be able to access crypto assets through the Parex Mobile Application system if s/he does not ensure the security of Private Key and Seed Phrase produced for her/him, loses them, forgets them, renders them inaccessible or causes them to be destroyed in any way.

User / Wallet Owner declares and accepts that s/he will not use this Platform for purposes contrary to global and local laws and general rules of law regarding prevention of laundering of crime revenues (prevention of money laundering) and not allow third parties to use. Also, User/Wallet Owner declares and accepts that if s/he uses Platform for illegal and unlawful purposes or allows others to use his/her account, he/she will be exclusively responsible for all legal and criminal liability.

Parex Mobile Application does not request any personal information such as name, surname, address information, e-mail address, phone number etc. from the User / Wallet Owner. In addition, Parex Mobile Application may collect and reflect IP data which is anonymous and required for system security. User/Wallet Owner can track logs and check the device and time that logs into the system, whenever s/he wants.

Parex mobile application requests permissions to access the camera and file system of the device on which it is installed and to send notifications to the device. The User / Wallet Owner must grant these permissions for parex mobile app to function fully and efficiently.

Parex Mobile Application has no responsibility regarding the following situations:

(i) Errors caused by the User / Wallet Owner him/herself,
(ii) Errors and security problems caused by software or viruses affecting the software,
(iii) Hardware deficiencies and / or errors arising from devices used by the User / Wallet Owner,
(iv) Security problems caused by third parties,
(v) Damages caused by failure, theft, forgotten, lost of the device on which the Parex Mobile Application is installed, device security measures such as face recognition, fingerprint reading etc. not working properly, the use of device and Application to third parties with consent, deleting and reinstalling Application, installing Application on another device, etc.,
(vi) Damages caused by sharing security information defined as private key, seed phrase, password etc. with third parties by User / Wallet Owner,
(vii) Damages caused by hacker programs such as key logger, screen capture etc. that may be found in other applications installed by the User / Wallet Owner on the device that Parex Mobile Application is installed.

Fees and Reward Programs

In the transfer of cryptocurrency assets, a fee is charged on the amount of the transferred at the rates published on the website.

User / Wallet Owner can benefit from Parex reward program.

Intellectual Property

Brand, logo, software, design of Parex Mobile Application and all intellectual property rights of all brands, designs, logos, trade dress, slogans and all other content related to them are exclusively owned by Parex Mobile Applications. User / Wallet Owner cannot use, copy or share intellectual property rights of the Parex Mobile Application.

Miscellaneous Provisions

Cryptocurrency assets contain high market risks and show changes in value. Past performances of cryptocurrency assets are not indicative of future results. The value of crypto money assets is determined and varies according to the supply and demand of users in free market exchanges. Investments of User / Wallet Owner in cryptocurrency assets through this Platform may result in the loss of some or all of their investment. Parex Mobile Application provides only general information to the user. None of texts within this Platform is not investment advice and cannot be interpreted as investment advice. User / Wallet Owner is exclusively responsible for all actions he or she took and / or will take on Parex Mobile Application. Parex Mobile Application is not responsible for the losses incurred by the User / Wallet Owner due to their investments.

User/Wallet Owner performs his/her all business and transactions in the world of economy such as banking, stock exchanges, forex markets, crypto exchanges, gold exchanges, foreign currency with his/her own knowledge and skills and is entirely responsible for the results

Tax Obligations

User/Wallet Owner is exclusively responsible for tax liabilities of the country where s/he is located and global tax liabilities regarding the cryptocurrency values invested through the Parex Mobile Application. Parex Mobile Application cannot be held responsible for local and global tax liabilities arising from User / Wallet Owner's gains and losses.

Change in Term of Use

Parex Mobile Application may update and/or change some or all of the usage principles presented in this text at any time it deems appropriate.

Language of Text

The language of this text is English. In case of conflict with other languages, the English text will prevail.

Mobile Application Data Collection Policy

Device Model, Device Name, Device Operating System and Parex Application Version information are collected.


User / Wallet Owner accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she reads, understands and accepts the Terms of Use presented in this text and will comply with all of its articles. These rules come into effect when User/Wallet Owner approves the Terms of Use and installs Parex Mobile Application on his/her device.

Remove Account

Parex application has taken various measures for the protection of personal data and account security. The most important of these is that personal information is not requested during account creation. When users create an account, unique codes are automatically generated by the system. These codes are Private Key and Seed Phrase codes. Codes are account specific and cannot be changed, re-obtained or destroyed. In this way, user accounts are at maximum security. Unique codes cannot be saved or backed up by the system. It is possible to delete an account if users want to delete. Deleted account can never be recovered. If there is a balance in the accounts of the users, the deletion of the account can also cause serious grievances. Parex accounts can be signed out and removed from mobile devices. Accounts cannot be accessed without private keys as their credentials are not registered.